Transformational Mining Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions Developed by Mining Experts

Outliers’ experienced team of mine operations consultants and optimization professionals work with your organization to assess any mine site’s operations to uncover performance gaps and initiate improvement and improve performance quickly.

We have developed a unique range of specialized services with a focus on strategic, operational, and advisory consultation and implementation to maximize efficiencies throughout a mine’s full life cycle.

Transform your operations to become a world-class organization.

Unique Solutions for World Class Mining Operations

Every relationship with Outliers begins with a Comprehensive Assessment to identify, quantify, and prioritize improvement based on impact, effort, and time. Our analysis reviews all aspects of the organization or project to build a unique solution to turn mines into world class operations.

Our transformational solutions consist of services that include:

Value-Added Dispatch

Realizing the full potential of a fleet management system is possible with our value added dispatch program. We provide fleet management awareness training and advanced in-seat scenario based training to build your team to best in class skillsets capable of sustaining improvement gains.

Performance Management

Built on a framework of Short Interval Control, our performance management program includes a detailed scenario playbook detailing ways your mining fleet can increase production through operations and dispatch, dispatcher and equipment operator scorecard and the visual management process.

Asset Management

Identify, assess and improve mine site equipment reliability, systems and team performance to create short, medium, and long-term solutions that focus on key asset management practices, system performance optimization, customer satisfaction, and equipment reliability.

Business Improvement Training

Our Lean and Six Sigma Business Improvement Training Program improves business processes in a mining environment. Built to empower employees and build internal capability and skills, business improvement work will allow for sustained productivity gains and cost savings in various departments.


Our OMS LEAD program allows organizations to invest in their leaders at all levels, empowering managers and superintendents to give their people the structure, skillset, and confidence to excel in their roles.

Integrated Operations

The Integrated Operations program is more than digital transformation. It gives businesses seeking a change within their integrated operations the ability to utilize data based decision making to result in maximized production and asset optimization.

Asset Management Leadership Centre

By placing senior-level professionals at mine sites to fill asset management leadership roles, our program provides short to medium-term support until a permanent placement is secured.

Supply Chain Management

This program delivers a rapid increase in supply chain maturity for clientel, with the consideration of differences between mining operations of all size and maturity level, encouraging collaborative partnerships necessary for productive mining organizations.

Mine to Mill: Sustainable Step Change

Successful drill to mill programs deliver a sustainable step change in relation to mill throughput. Such change requires little or no increase in drill and blast operating or capital costs and have the capability to improve dig rates, truck and shovel productivity, as well as longer component life.