Performance Management Toolkit for Efficient Mining Organizations

Maximize the efficiency of your mining organization and increase the productivity of your fleet with Outliers’ Performance Management Toolkit. Built on a framework of Short Interval Control (SIC), give your organization the power of a detailed scenario playbook for operations and dispatch, complete with dispatcher and equipment operator scorecards and a visual management process.

The Outliers’ Difference

A Tool for the Front-Line Team of Supervisors and Dispatchers

Although Outliers Short Interval Control is often viewed live by superintendents and managers, they are not the audience. Outliers’ tools are designed for supervisors and dispatchers to provide full transparency in real time on the performance of their shift and where to take action.

Improvement Targets

Targets designed to stretch performance and drive continuous improvement, not those in the mine plan which must be achieved.

Real-Time FMS Integration

Harness the power of real-time data with SIC and scorecard tools directly integrated with your fleet management system.

Flexible Target-Setting Tools

Flexible, user-friendly, and web-based — derive and configure your targets.

Lost Tonnes/Lost BCMs Approach

Target the production drivers with the maximum impact on productivity and utilisation with gains and losses quantified in lost tonnes (or BCMs).

We implemented the Outliers Short Interval Control in 2020 in conjunction with in-person training for the Dispatchers and saw almost immediate gains that are still sustained 3 years later. After having implemented the SIC at two operations with different fleet management systems I can say it is the best way I’ve seen to effectively get the promised gains from FMS.”

– Hubert Schimann, Mine Operations Manager
Centerra Gold

What Is Included

Within our Performance Management Toolkit, the elements work together to create and reinforce a positive feedback loop, improving decision making time and quality.

How It Works


The dispatcher, blend coordinator or team leader identifies a mine scenario requiring a response, based on pre-determined triggers.


Observations are reported to the response team, who communicates to stakeholders.


The response team executes actions from the response plan, communicated positive outcomes of executed actions team-wide.


The impact of the response is assessed through determined KPIs within the SIC tool, communicated results in the visual management process.

Improving Shift-Change at Open Pit Mines

FiguresFigure 1: The average time from the last load of the shift to the first load of the following shift.Figure 2: The average time from the last load of the shift to the first load of the following shiftDoes your daily production profile look like this? With highly productive hours during the shift bookended by…

Embracing a Changing World – Remote Asset Management Budget Support

The budgeting process is time-consumingHaving a clear understanding of the requirement early onFiguresFigure 1If you were to ask any member of the OMS team their favourite aspects of the work we do, chances are being on-site and working ‘in the field’ would rank at the top. It gives us the chance to work closely with…


in material movement in the first 6 weeks


in fleet capability


in overall mining movement

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