Advanced Dispatch Program

Unlock your fleet management system's full potential with the Outliers’ Advanced Dispatch program. The Outliers team includes expert dispatch specialists in all major mine dispatch systems who have developed the world's most advanced and comprehensive dispatch performance program.

Empower your team with the knowledge and skills required to achieve the best possible outcomes from your fleet management system.

In-Seat Advanced Dispatcher Training

The heart of Outliers’ Advanced Dispatch program lies in the In-Seat Advanced Dispatcher Training. This training goes beyond operating the system- Our experienced dispatch specialists focus on training world-class dispatchers who can maximize the production of the mining fleet in all operating scenarios. We transfer the skills and knowledge to use dynamic dispatching best to minimize truck idle time. We provide coaching for dispatchers to become production leaders within their crews; and provide training on system maintenance and configuration so the system is always making the right real-time decisions.

Dispatch Insight Training

It takes the coordinated efforts of control room dispatchers and field supervisors to harness the power of your fleet management system and deliver real production gains. Our Dispatch Insights Training program gives dispatchers, field supervisors and leaders an understanding of how a well-configured system works to optimize production. We emphasize scenario-based teaching models and real-world examples of how dispatchers, supervisors and operators contribute to using the fleet management system to meet production goals.  

Dispatch Production & Diagnostic Tools

As a part of Outliers’ Advanced Dispatch program, we have a proprietary set of tools that can provide real-time feedback mine performance and system configuration issues. These tools allow for data-based decision making and eliminate guesswork in troubleshooting issues with the system.

Partnering with Outliers

Outliers Mining Solutions has a proven track record working with the four major Fleet Management Systems, including Caterpillar Minestar®, Modular Mining Systems Dispatch®, Wenco Fleet Control, Hexagon MineOperate. Our world-class users work in collaboration with vendors to deliver real value for clients from the fleet management system.

Unlock your True Potential with Outliers

At Outliers Mining Solutions, we believe that the potential of your fleet management system is limitless. We understand the intricacies of your systems, and we know the value we can extract together. Our team is here to guide you from where you are to where you need to be to fully leverage the capabilities of your Fleet Management System. Let us be your partner in unlocking the true potential of your mining operations.