Maintenance & Reliability

Outliers’ Maintenance & Reliability programs prioritize asset reliability, asset longevity and maintenance efficiency as we optimize your maintenance practices. Our services deliver short, medium and long-term solutions while fostering a strong work culture.

 Identify the biggest opportunities for optimization and develop strategies based on data-driven assessments.

Elevating Reliability and Efficiency

At Outliers we understand that a thriving mining operation depends on identifying, assessing, and enhancing equipment reliability, system performance, and team efficiency. Our maintenance & Reliability approach is centered on core asset management strategies, fine-tuning system performance and providing the people with the expectations and the resources to succeed in a fast-paced environment.

Health Survey

Our working partnership to improve your maintenance and reliability performance begins with a Health Survey. This in-depth assessment involves interviewing key stakeholders, observing day-to-day operations, and analyzing data to uncover the root causes of performance issues. The outcome is a comprehensive health survey that serves as a roadmap for future implementation steps.

Operate for Reliability Program

Outliers’ unique Operate for Reliability Program is designed to predict and prevent losses within your organization. It instills a culture of zero harm, zero defects, and zero failures, transforming the mindset of equipment operators. Through consistent education, operators learn the consequences of operating beyond equipment limits while improving communication between maintenance and operations.

Partnering with Outliers

Outliers Mining Solutions is your partner in achieving greater equipment availability and reliability, improved team collaboration, and sustainable results. With a keen emphasis on ensuring availability and reliability, We offer data-driven, expert-backed solutions that empower you to elevate the performance of your mining assets, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and a culture of operational excellence.

Unlock your True Potential with Outliers

Mining in today's competitive landscape requires more than just industry-standard configurations; it demands tailored strategies to realize the full potential of your assets. By offering solutions backed by data and expertise, we empower you to enhance the performance of your mining assets. Let’s work together in shaping a more prosperous future for your organization.