At Outliers Mining Solutions, we're committed to enhancing mining leadership. OMS LEAD was crafted to empower organizations at all levels by equipping managers and superintendents with the skills, structure, and confidence to excel.

Fostering teams that thrive on change, understand their impact on success, set clear targets, and relentlessly seek opportunities for improvement.

Elevate Mining Leadership Skills

Our OMS LEAD team comprises top-tier industry experts dedicated to elevating the next generation of mining leadership. We equip mine operations to meet world-class industry standards and cultivate people-based leadership skills, transforming operations into professional, efficient entities.

Immediate Results for Supervisor Teams

Upon returning to the jobsite, OMS LEAD trainees are equipped to immediately apply their newfound leadership skills. This quick turnaround leads to improved team performance, enhancing operations efficiency.

In Partnership with Queen’s University

We have established a valuable partnership with Queen's University, allowing us to provide accredited courses. This mutual relationship enables us to offer professional development (PD) courses, which are essential for mining professionals seeking to meet annual PD point requirements. We ensure that our courses align with different provinces' regulations and mandates.

Partnering with Outliers

Outliers also specializes in SAP and AM integration, helping organizations onboard new personnel, mentor and coach individuals in new roles, and hold them accountable. We bridge the gap between complex business processes and individuals intimidated by them, breaking down the "how" and "why." Our DITLO exercise helps outline roles and responsibilities, leading to organizational realignment and an assessment of leadership requirements.

Unlock your True Potential with Outliers

At Outliers Mining Solutions, we're here to empower your mining leadership and drive positive change within your organization. Contact us to discover how OMS LEAD can transform your team into world-class industry leaders.