Imagine a team of leaders that know their roles and how they contribute to the team’s success. Targets are clear, and the plan to get there is shared and understood. The team is able to adapt to problems and thrives on change and continuous improvement. 

We developed OMS LEAD to help organizations invest in their leaders at all levels, empowering managers and superintendents to give their people the structure, skillset, and confidence to excel in their roles.

The Development of OMS LEAD

The Outliers Mining Solutions LEAD team has over 100 years of combined experience. We provide expert knowledge from top-tier industry professionals who are not only passionate about the industry but also about training and developing people. Our team is dedicated to elevating the next generation of mining leadership to world-class industry standards and implementing people-based leadership skills across mine operations.

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In partnership with Queen’s University Mining Professional Development Programs

“As a very complex industry, mining requires leaders to be technically competent and effective managers and mentors. The OMS Lead program provides the skillset and the proper tools to enhance the performance of the teams working in mining operations, with experienced facilitators and excellent content.”

– Julián M. Ortiz, Head | Associate Professor
The Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining

A Resource for Developing Mining Leadership Skills

Leadership Exploration and Development.

Modern mines require world-class leadership and supervision. OMS LEAD is a customized program developed and delivered by experienced mining professionals. It provides supervisors and leaders with the management skills, leadership skills, and confidence they need to effectively lead their teams.

“It’s no good teaching supervisors to be supervisors if we don’t train superintendents to manage supervisors.”

– Etienne Tardif, OMS LEAD Coach

Benefits of the OMS LEAD program

The OMS LEAD Program is designed to benefit all levels of mining leadership professionals. Whether the participant has years of experience or is considering their first leadership role, OMS LEAD caters to the needs of each specific site and its people. OMS LEAD offers a unique benefit to mine sites through:

  • Credible and experienced facilitators
  • Premium content developed by world-class mining professionals
  • Team-based classroom sessions and 1-on-1 field coaching

The program can be complemented with other OMS service offerings.


OMS LEAD Testimonial: Etienne Tardif

The OMS Lead program was created to teach mining leadership skills to supervisors, mining managers, and superintendents to develop ‘Day in the Life’ of documents, guidelines and sets of expectations for the different roles reporting to them.

After successfully executing a program like this, there is a base of processes, structure, and tools. As a result, decisions are driven down to their appropriate level, because trust and accountability have also been driven down to that level.


What to Expect in an OMS LEAD Training Program

OMS LEAD Provides Immediate Results for Supervisor Teams

OMS LEAD enables supervisors (and leaders) to apply the learning objectives as soon as they return to the job, leading to faster realization of leadership skills and better performing teams. The program provides 1-on-1 field coaching, cementing the learnings from the program and building confidence in supervisors.

OMS LEAD addresses these areas:

  • What is Leadership?
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Situational Leadership
  • Effective Communication
  • Acting as a Coach & Resource
  • Team Management
  • Visible Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Performance Management & Management Systems

“It’s not about your experience.  It’s about: how good are you at leveraging the experience of the people who work for you.”

– Etienne Tardif

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