Value-Added Dispatch

The Value-Added Dispatch program is designed to realize the full potential of a fleet management system by providing fleet management awareness training to key stakeholders and advanced scenario-based, in-seat training for dispatchers. The results are a well-trained, qualified team and a formal training program in place to sustain the improvement gains.

Fleet Management Awareness Training

Fleet Management Awareness Training is a comprehensive training program which focuses on understanding the process and functionality of a fleet management system. This training also includes training on configuring and maintaining the system with priority parameters to operate efficiently and creating consistency across all crews. We teach dispatchers how to respond to different operating scenarios to reduce idle time while maximizing productivity.

Other elements of the fleet management awareness training include:

  • Understanding the core functionality of an FMS system
  • Availability, utilization and all elements of the truck and shovel cycle that impact productivity.
  • Proper setup and maintenance of the mine graphics and prioritization parameters to operate the system effectively.

In-Seat Dynamic Dispatch and Scenario Coaching

Uses technology and training of dispatchers to better allocate trucks and minimize idle times during the haul cycle. In-seat coaching includes 1-on-1 training from an Outliers expert dispatch trainer. Our mining operational consultants work with dispatchers and mine operations supervisors in the field to help them maximize the effectiveness of their mining fleet through best practice use of the site’s fleet management system. Our trainers are experts in the configuration and operation of all major fleet management system platforms.

  • Extensive in-seat training with our expert dispatch trainer
  • Training of dispatchers on proper maintenance and system calibration & configuration practices
  • Proper application of dynamic dispatching to maximize efficiency and minimize wait time in the haul & loading cycle
  • Implementation and use of advanced features and modules
  • Focus dispatchers’ efforts on updating and maintaining the system rather than manually allocating trucks and equipment.

Increasing Production and Haul Efficiency at Ferrexpo

In 2016 Outliers initiated a work scope with Ferrexpo to improve the productivity and efficiency of load and haul fleet at Poltava and Yerestovo mines. This scope included the deployment of the Outliers Performance Management tools such as the Short Interval Control tool and the rehabilitation and effective use of the Wenco Fleet Management System to deliver improved truck allocation.


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