Supply Chain Management

Outliers Mining Solutions’ Supply Chain Management program offers a comprehensive, integrated service that delivers a rapid increase in supply chain maturity for our clients. Our program was developed based on seventy-five years of supply chain experience with mining industry leaders Barrick Gold and recognized supply chain leaders GE, Honeywell, and Atomic energy. We understand the unique supply chain challenges facing mining operations of all size and maturity levels- start-ups, mid-tiers and multinationals. Our program fosters collaborative partnerships between operations and maintenance teams that are necessary for the supply chain to support effective and productive mining organizations.

Supply Chain Maturity Assessment

Outliers Mining Solutions has a proven track record of providing our clients with concise assessments and gap analysis of their Supply Chain and quantifying the impact on the operation. Our consultants review current-state processes and systems within an organization, including on-the-ground collaboration with key stakeholders in operations, maintenance, and suppliers.

We assess the level of maturity required for your organization and provide a roadmap of specific actions to address identified gaps and provide timelines for implementation.

We help you achieve the next level of Supply Chain maturity.

Operational Readiness

Our team supports operational readiness for start-up operations and acts as a business advisor in operational readiness from a supply chain perspective. We identify and prioritize key supply chain processes and systems that need to be in place before operations can begin. This program addresses logistics’ ability to order, receive and store materials, spare parts & insurance spares and the key commodities under contact to ensure the security of supply. We understand the financial and operational pain points and address them as a part of a global operational readiness strategy.


Risk Management

We work with your site and corporate team to improve your risk management processes and identify areas of risk exposure.  Our risk audits assist your organization in developing and implementing an enterprise risk management program by implementing measures throughout your organization based on your risk profile.

Sourcing Expertise & Contracts Management

The Outliers Mining Solutions team has over fifty years of expertise in strategic sourcing, procurement, and commercial agreements. Our contract management consultants have negotiated complex agreements for NextInnovations, Orenda Aerospace, and ComDev with contract values up to $400M. We have negotiated commodity, complex technology and service agreements. Our focus is to ensure the initial contract protects our clients while providing value and ensuring the terms negotiated are adhered to by both parties.

Our team provides an accurate assessment of your procurement maturity. We create a mining procurement strategy and roadmap that fits both the short-term and long-term goals of your operation, delivering immediate cost savings and long term ROI.

We offer our procurement services for start-up and mid-tier organizations that may not have the expertise in strategic sourcing, commercial agreements, and risk management.

Strategic Sourcing

Our cost reduction initiatives involve benchmarking current spend against the marketplace, spend analysis, supplier identification and qualification, exploring strategic sourcing opportunities, event management, utilization and training of innovative procurement methodologies, supplier negotiations, and process compliance improvement.

Commercial Agreements

We work with our mining clients using a transparent approach to assist you in building strong partner relationships and using a win-win approach.  We work to become a trusted collaborator and assist with all types of commercial agreements to protect your organization and maximize the value of your partner relationships.

Demand and Supply Management

The price you pay for poor demand planning, forecasting strategy and execution is reflected in excess and obsolete inventories. Legacy demand planning is often the result of departmental silos with maintenance, operations and supply chain not working collaboratively.

We help you break down these silos by building a closed-loop demand plan with the ability to quickly and proactively change operations demand with regular feedback and review.

We have experience building demand planning solutions for our mining clients.  We understand that building effective relationships between operations, maintenance, and supply chain requires a collaborative effort built through workshops and education sessions.

The result is a demand planning solution that works for your operation.

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Inventory Optimization

Our inventory optimization program understands the complexity of inventory at mining operations. Each segment of inventory (critical, insurance, slow, fast-moving) requires its own strategy. We build and implement the right strategy for your mine site.

Spare Parts Program

We work in collaboration with mining and maintenance groups to ensure ‘waiting for parts’ delays are drastically reduced by defining and implementing effective spare parts programs.

Supply Chain Systems and Technology

Supply Chain Systems

Our supply chain consultants have successfully executed ERP configuration projects and held senior leadership roles managing supply chains. We have experienced the frustration of using business systems that are not compatible with the mining environment. Start-up operations often have systems with limited capability. Larger, more established organizations use complex systems that can be rigid and expensive to adjust. In our experience, most mining firms use less than 50% of the capability of their enterprise resource planning system (ERP). Our program allows you to realize the true value of your ERP system- reducing rework and ensuring a streamlined workflow for your supply chain and procurement team.

Digitalization and Data Integrity

In our experience, mining companies pursue digital transformation to obtain productivity gains and mine optimization but are plagued by data integrity issues that erode the trust and consistent use of new technology. Your business system or digitalization strategy requires quality data to allow you to make accurate and timely business decisions.

With over 10 years of experience in creating global data governance programs in the mining industry, we build your mine site a framework to ensure data integrity.

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