Improve Mining Equipment Reliability

Knowing the full capability of your equipment and setting a path to achieve and manage optimal output makes all the difference in production hauls. Trusting your equipment and the people operating it is crucial to maintaining production. Depending on the site’s needs this involves a few key areas of training for dispatchers and operators alike and assessment of production load and haul times.

Realize the Full Potential of Your Equipment

Realize the Full Potential of your Equipment

Oftentimes sites are sold a Fleet Management System that promises the moon and delivers mediocre performance. This is because there is little to no training delivered on how to operate and optimize the fleet.

With our proven track record for increasing production at mines, Outliers Mining Solutions evaluates all team members for competency and observes haul times and load frequency. We then train supervisors, dispatchers, and operators to competently manage the Fleet.

OMS Mining Asset Reliability Toolbox

Understanding the equipment and technology at a site and how to utilize it to its potential is critical for improving and maintaining reliability. Outliers Mining Solutions offers services to assist with the transitions that sites experience as improvements are implemented.


Improve the availability and reliability of mobile equipment. Set a management foundation to effectively implement real-time asset health monitoring and predictive maintenance strategy.

Supply Chain

Outliers Mining Solutions’ Supply Chain Management program offers a comprehensive, integrated service that delivers a rapid increase in supply chain maturity for our clients. Our program was developed based on seventy-five years of supply chain experience with mining industry leaders.

Asset Management Leadership Centre

Our Asset Management Leadership Centre places our experienced, senior-level professionals at mine sites to fill asset management leadership roles. This program is designed for short to medium-term placements providing experienced, professional coverage until a permanent placement is secured.

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If you were to ask any member of the OMS team their favourite aspects of the work we do, chances are being on-site and working ‘in the field’ would rank at the top. It gives us the chance to work closely with our clients and better understand the challenges they face daily.


Outliers Mining Solutions Announces the Asset Management Leadership Centre

Outliers is excited to announce the Asset Manager Centre as a new core service offering.


A Strong Foundation is Critical to Implementing New Technology in Asset Management

When we look at maintenance and reliability functions, there are a lot of industry buzzwords thrown around.

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