Author: Terry Tutak

Maximizing Reliability Efficacy through Effective RCFA Execution

Posted By: Connect on LinkedInIn the mining industry, operational efficiency is a cornerstone, and achieving it requires a unique approach, depending on the site-specific requirements and limitations. Root Cause Failure Analysis stands out as a powerful tool within the reliability realm, enabling sites to identify and address the root causes of their equipment failures systematically. […]

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How Maintenance and Reliability Programs Contribute to Production Excellence

Posted By: Connect on LinkedInWhen it comes to effective mining practices, achieving and maintaining optimal levels of productivity is often seen as a perpetual challenge. Industry leaders are constantly seeking ways to improve efficiency, reduce unplanned downtime, and enhance overall performance. A key program required to achieve optimal production is the implementation of robust maintenance […]

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Defining Key Performance Targets for Informed KPIs in Mining Organizations 

To keep your organization’s intricate web of operations on track, it is essential to identify where you’re going and what you are aiming for – in short, your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These data-driven metrics serve as beacons to operational excellence and sustainable growth. But before KPIs can shine, there’s a crucial step that is […]

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