The Importance of Scenario-Based Training for Dispatchers

Have you ever purchased an item and wished an experienced professional could teach you how to use it?

Imagine you bought an exotic sports car and wanted to learn how to drive it – you would hire a trained racing driver, not someone from the dealership. The dealer can show you how to use the instrument panel and where certain buttons are, but it takes a skilled and experienced operator to help you get the most out of your new machine.

Once your dispatch team has the basics of operating your FMS, in-seat, scenario-based coaching can elevate them to world-class dispatchers that get the most from a truck and shovel fleet.

Why is Scenario Based In Seat Coaching so Important?

Mining is a dynamic environment- Shovels break down, weather events close roads, crushers bridge. Some days there may be long hauls, and you become heavily under trucked. Reacting to these changes quickly with the right response in these scenarios is how expert dispatcher make a real impact in production.

The first step is defining the operating strategies with the mine leadership. Are we overtrucked or undertrucked? What are the requirements of the process plant and tailings construction? Are we trying to maximize production or get the best cost-per-tonne? Once these factors are understood, trainers can develop an operating strategy for the mine- which is similar to a decision tree:

Some other benefits of scenario-based coaching:

  • Provides coaching on how to collaborate with supervisors in the field
  • Coaching on communication strategies- what information to push to the maintenance or the processing plant
  • In-seat shows you how to troubleshoot the system in real-time if it is not performing as expected
  • Take advantage of opportunities to refuel or take operator breaks without losing production.
  • How to recognize and exploit opportunities. A good dispatcher will anticipate and identify these opportunities that may not be obvious in the digital mine model. I.e. When preparing for snow, there may not be enough graders. By keeping the trucks rolling on a long haul, the haul will stay open much longer than if it was only lightly used.

Dispatchers play a critical role in the efficiency and productivity of your mine fleet. Investing in their development through scenario-based training can provide lasting value for your mining operation. Learn more about our training on our solutions page.


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