Outliers Mining Solutions Announces the Asset Management Leadership Centre

Outliers is excited to announce the Asset Manager Centre as a new core service offering. The Asset Manager Centre is a resource for mine sites to access our experienced personnel to fill in operational or support and coaching roles.

We are offering two levels of experience: manager/superintendent and senior planner/reliability engineer. Placements are temporary and can range from short to medium term.

This program is a great option for:

  • Filling the gap between two permanent placement positions
  • Sites that requires experienced personnel to focus on a specific programs or projects
  • Providing coaching and support to an existing site resources or tea
  • Sites that are recovering from crisis management situations
  • Sites that require rapid access to additional ‘firepower’ for a limited time without having to employ personnel directly continuous improvement process
  • Filling the gap when existing employees take vacation or extended leave

Our staff can bring over 30 years of maintenance and project management experience, can offer high-level strategic advice, and provide flexible, professional coverage to ensure business objectives are met.

The Asset Manager Centre is designed to make the access to experienced leaders simple and flexible while keeping the mine fully operational. Our broad team of seasoned Asset Management and Maintenance professionals has operations know-how, leadership management, and knowledge of the nuances of working at a mine – such as living at remote sites, FIFO rotations or in expatriate environments. While our primary duty on-site will be to fulfill the role we are engaged for, we are happy to offer additional services to ensure that role transitions, program management and other business critical tasks are not left behind.

Alongside our primary roles, Outliers is committed to the sustainability of the mine site. Our goal is to place the right person to the job we are covering. Asset Manager Centre also includes resources for:

  • Supporting the recruitment, interviewing, and training of permanent placement options
  • Leadership training to various Asset Management roles and functions
  • 24/7 on-site or remote support, as requested

As always, Outliers strives to be a source of prosperity for our partners, team members and clients, while creating value through the pursuit of innovative services and solutions to sustainably change the future. This service is the next step in our role in serving the mining industry.

To request more information on this new service offering, visit the Asset Management Leadership Centre page.


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