Maintaining Our Standards Through Remote Work

Safety is the number one priority at all mining operations. The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty for all industries and has impacted public health, the global economy and our day to day lives. To flatten the curve of COVID-19 infections and to protect our team, clients, and their families, Outliers Mining Solutions is transitioning to supporting our clients remotely. Through this transition, we are taking steps to ensure our clients receive the same standard they have come to expect from Outliers Mining Solutions’ dynamic team members, just as they would with our teams at their sites.

With all non-essential personnel working remotely it is more important now than ever to understand and have transparency around the performance and cost drivers of your mine site. We are working closely with our team and clients to assist them in keeping their operations running as efficiently as possible during this disruption. Here are the services we continue to provide to our clients:

  • Remote diagnostics including mine operations, mine planning, fleet management systems, asset management, reliability and work management
  • Deployment and design of our suite of performance management tools including short interval control, operator scorecards and maintenance dashboards
  • Mine planning support including validating inputs, process redesign, compliance to plan and training.
  • Remote training and coaching for pit supervisors, dispatchers and asset management personnel

Our clients are embracing this change and we are too!

At one of our client operations, an OMS resource is providing technical support while their technical staff is on part-time duty. We are assisting another client in implementing a new planning system including process design, documentation, and training.

As leaders committed to implementing industry best-practice, we understand that work looks different for mines today and we have adjusted our approach accordingly. For instance, at one mine site, the focus of our value-added dispatch program has shifted. Mine performance is now about the employee’s bottom line – ensuring that with limited personnel, equipment is as productive as possible at the absolute lowest costs. We are working to keep mine operations steady by providing direct support to mine dispatchers remotely, ensuring that each shift is optimized for production and cost.

The shift to working remotely can seem daunting, especially for larger mining operations where a physical presence to address issues would be the normal approach. However, there has never been a more important time to have full visibility and transparency on the health of a mining operation. Managing remotely requires managers and supervisors to get clear feedback on the operation in a timely manner and to act quickly to address issues impacting production. Our expert team members have the skills and capabilities to ensure your leaders have this transparency. We are experienced in communicating remotely within our team across time zones and are equipped and prepared to deliver the same level of service to our clients during this time. 

Despite the restrictions on our daily lives and the effects of the COVID-19 on some mines, we are seeing positive signs across the mining industry. The response we see from crews at our clients’ sites is one of cooperation and cohesiveness – taking any measures necessary to accomplish the shared goal to stay operating while keeping people safe.  We take these as small wins for the industry and see that the future of mining is strong.

For more information on our mining optimization services visit the services section of our website. 


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