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Looking back on my days as a dispatcher, I remember shifts when I would catch many opportunities (like the payloads), but more times than I can count it was way later in the shift than it should have been. I was always trying to catch if the shovel was underperforming, or how the trucks were cycling on the dump. Many of my shifts were spent actively managing lunch breaks and maintaining correct plant blends and pile height. It would leave me wondering whether I made any tonnage gains at all. If I had had the Outliers Mining Solutions Short Interval Control (SIC) tool at my disposal I could have quantified what I did and focused on areas and interruptions that have more opportunities.

The Excitement of Data at your Fingertips

I am currently coaching dispatchers and supervisors on the use of the SIC, and watching dispatchers get excited when they see trends happening and giving them the ability to make immediate data-driven changes is very rewarding. It's exciting to watch field supervisors with years of experience get amped up when they have the data at their fingertips, data that they would normally only realize at the end of the shift or if they got lucky mid-shift.

Immediate Positive Results

In the last couple of weeks, I have seen supervisors coach load times in the first two hours with a positive effect immediately. All crews have cut the queue at the crusher and queue at shovels in half and are maintaining it. Groups collaborate with maintenance to get operators to a truck quicker when it comes up from maintenance now that they see the tonnage lost. Dispatchers are making fast calls to Shovel Supervisors when payloads start to decrease. The 24-hour team has been collaborating on shift change making it more streamlined and getting better by the day.

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If you're a dispatcher or involved in operational management, I encourage you to explore the constant conversation and collaboration that the Short Interval Control tool offers to Dispatchers and Supervisors. Embrace the power of real-time insights, data-driven decision-making, and enhanced communication to elevate your operations to new heights!


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The Outliers Mining Solutions team prides itself in being nimble and typically takes a swat team approach to every engagement. We have expertise in using SAP as a user (Maintainer, Supervisor, Material Coordinator, Planner, Reliability, Superintendent, Manager) in SAP PM, MM, FI/CO. We also have a good understanding in SAP configuration, Master Data and Data Standards.


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