Outliers Mining Solutions Remote Assessment

Figure 1: Opportunities Identified, Including Action Plan and Quantified Improvements
Figure 2: Fleet Management System Gap Analysis Radar Chart
As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, several of Outliers Mining Solutions’ operational assessments had to be completed remotely due to travel restrictions. In one such assessment, completed in 2020, the work scope included an operations assessment covering Mine Operations, including loading, hauling and drilling fleets, and the site’s fleet management system. The Outliers Mining Solutions team got to work establishing a remote connection to the site’s fleet management system database to extract production data from the baseline period and start the analysis.

Even with the advanced analytics methods used by Outliers, site context is critical to ensuring opportunities are validated. Outliers Mining Solutions scheduled regular video calls with key site stakeholders to review preliminary findings, receive feedback and input from these stakeholders to validate the trends identified in the analysis.

The assessment identified improvement opportunities totaling a 25% increase in mine production and site-specific configuration of the fleet management system. The client implemented the quick wins and engaged Outliers for remote coaching of the mine dispatchers and daily system health checks. Over 50% of the targeted benefit was realized within three months as the site team implemented the action plan.

Outliers operational assessments have always given our clients a quantified and prioritized improvement plan, and in 2020, we proved we can deliver this same service quality remotely. We’ve found they can be executed more quickly, at a lower cost, and with the same high quality.


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