Author: Adam Kownatka

Why Your Organization Needs a Time-on-Tools Study

Posted By: Connect on LinkedInA time-on-tools study gained its roots in around 1910 when a concept called time-and-motion was designed for production assembly workers. The idea of tool time studies when applied to hourly maintenance workers is to measure what percent of that worker’s time is spent on actual work.  Travel time, job planning, getting […]

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Overcoming Roadblocks to Create an Effective Training Plan

Posted By: Connect on LinkedInFiguresConsider the formal evaluation of skills required by the position being trained and the quality of the program components.A training plan is a form document that communicates to management and stakeholders the details of the proposed training program.What should a training plan contain?Motives and objectivesCurriculumRequirementsStrategiesSchedulesResourcesWhy Training Plans get Passed Over in […]

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