OMS Performance Management Program

The OMS Performance Management Program is a solution built on a framework of Short Interval Control, a detailed scenario playbook for operations and dispatch, dispatcher and equipment operator scorecards and the visual management process.

These tools, along with coaching and mentoring from Outliers Mining Solutions performance management consultants, provides a proven solution that drives data-based decision making in real time, creates accountability and transparency in mine operations and delivers sustainable production improvements

Short Interval Control Dashboard

To successfully and sustainably improve our client’s maintenance and reliability performance requires an investigation into the business systems and maintenance work processes in use, including understanding the paradigms and beliefs around asset maintenance .



In an Asset Management Health Assessment we interview all key stakeholders and gather information on 300+ elements of the asset management system. We observe real day-to-day activities from the shop floor to the manager’s office.  We gather CMMS and fleet/plant operational data and perform a deep dive analysis to uncover the root causes for poor performance.


Getting the absolute maximum maintenance and reliability benefits requires a well-structured and targeted Asset Management Health Assessment.


The output is a comprehensive health survey with quantified opportunities and a road map detailing steps for implementation.

Operator, Dispatcher, & Crew Scorecards

These scorecards provide detailed feedback on all elements of productivity in an easy-to-understand format. Scorecards decrease site variability across shovel and truck operators, allows for the recognition of top performers, and identifies training requirements for underperforming operators. We consistently see gains in shovel and truck productivity following implementation, leading to an increase in overall mine efficiency.


Cultural tool for fostering employee engagement through one on one performance discussions between supervisors and operators


Brings forth ideas and concern from the front-line workforce through regular performance discussions


Decreases variability across all shovel and truck operators.


Provides detailed feedback on all the elements of productivity for each operator


Creates the ability for management to recognize top performers and focus training efforts on underperforming operators

OMS Shovel
Operator Scorecard

Operational Playbook

This playbook transforms dispatch data into simple actions and decisions. Mining is a highly variable environment where process bottlenecks can shift multiple times within a shift. Disruptions to regular operation like shovel breakdowns, congestion at dumping points or changing dig conditions require quick and coordinated reactions between shift leaders, dispatchers and front line supervisors to minimize production losses.


The operational playbooks build consistency across the site when making decisions by standardizing strategies and actions taken under different operating conditions.


It can act as a training reference for inexperienced mine personnel on how to prioritize and respond to opportunities in the field.

Operational Playbook examples

Visual Management

Visual Management is foundation of the OMS Performance Management program. This meeting system creates clear expectations and accountabilities for dispatchers, shift supervisors and operations leadership. Along with the Short Interval Control tool, Visual Management provides a forum for daily feedback and an opportunity to coach and mentor front-line supervisors. It enables a quick exchange of information and at-a-glance feedback on the performance of the mine and specific improvement KPIs being tracked.

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