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Outliers Mining Solutions is an operational consulting company that offers a range of mining-specific services to increase productivity and reduce costs at our client’s operations.

Our Comprehensive Assessments, Value Added Dispatch program, OMS Performance Management program, OMS Asset Management program, Mine Supervisor Coaching services, and Business Improvement training programs provide our clients with the tools for success in the mining industry.

Our small, specialized consulting teams identify improvement opportunities and implement solutions to rapidly close the performance gaps. As both mining and technology subject matter experts and continuous improvement practitioners we provide solutions and execute improvement programs to help our clients realize a sustainable, step-change increase in performance. We turn mines into world-class operations.

Outliers Mining Solutions has delivered value to our clients across the globe.

Our Solutions.

Designed to make your mining operation world-class.

Outliers Mining Solutions offers a wide range of consulting and technical services designed to make your mining operation a world-class performer.

See a summary of services below and visit our service pages for a comprehensive look at what Outliers Mining Solutions can do you for your mining operation.

Remote Mining Assessment

Outliers Mining Solutions has successfully developed a remote version of our operational and asset management assessment, which provides outstanding value through deep-dive analysis and opportunity identification.

Value-Added Dispatch

A program designed to realize the full potential of a fleet management system by providing fleet management awareness training to key stakeholders and advanced scenario-based, in-seat training for dispatchers.

Asset Management

This program delivers improved availability and reliability of mobile equipment and provides the reliability and work management foundation required to effectively implement a real-time asset health monitoring and predictive maintenance strategy.

Professional Mining Leadership Program

A leadership training program that improves the safety culture, leadership and personnel management skills of mine operations leaders in addition to improving their technical competency and understanding of best practice for production and support equipment.

OMS Performance Management Program

This program is a solution built on a framework of Short Interval Control, a detailed scenario playbook for operations and dispatch, dispatcher and equipment operator scorecards and the visual management process.

Business Improvement

This program is a Lean and Six Sigma training suite designed specifically for business improvement work in a mining environment. It is an opportunity to rapidly build internal capability and skills within a mining organization and empower employees to deliver sustained productivity gains and cost savings in all departments through business improvement work.

Asset Management Leadership Centre

Our Asset Management Leadership Centre places our experienced, senior-level professionals at mine sites to fill asset management leadership roles. This program is designed for short to medium-term placements providing your team with experienced, professional coverage until a permanent placement is secured. 

Supply Chain Management

Outliers Mining Solutions’ Supply Chain Management program offers a comprehensive, integrated service that delivers a rapid increase in supply chain maturity for our clients. Our program was developed based on seventy-five years of supply chain experience with mining industry leaders Barrick Gold and recognized supply chain leaders GE, Honeywell, and Atomic energy. ed. 


Imagine a team of leaders that know their roles and how they contribute to the team’s success. Targets are clear, and the plan to get there is shared and understood. The team is able to adapt to problems and thrives on change and continuous improvement.

to Mill

Why run a Mine to Mill Program? A successful drill to mill program can deliver a sustainable step change in mill throughput without capital spending. Other benefits can include improved dig rates, truck & shovel productivity, and longer component life. These benefits can often be achieved with little or no increase in drill & blast operating or capital costs.


The Outliers Way describes the values and fundamentals that are the foundation of our unique culture. It explains how we relate to our customers, as well as to each other. It’s who we are and it’s what drives our extraordinary success.

Learn more about our company values and fundamentals.

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Case Study: Outliers Mining Solutions Remote Assessment

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As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, several of Outliers Mining Solutions’ operational assessments had to be completed remotely due to travel restrictions. In one such assessment, completed in 2020, the work scope included an operations assessment covering Mine Operations, including loading, hauling and drilling fleets, and the site’s fleet management system.

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