Train and Develop Your People

A site is only as efficient and productive as the people operating it. Building leadership skills and ensuring competency among all teams benefits a site in production, safety, and overall mine site health.

Build Excellent, Knowledgeable Leaders

Maximize Mine Site Efficiency

In the mining industry especially, leaders are often placed into their roles based on their excellence at a specialized skill. This places competent people in a position of authority with little to no training on how to lead and manage a team effectively. Through our training programs, we work with leaders and level with them one-on-one to guide them into becoming respected members of management.

Solidify Team Roles and Authority

Clearly defining roles and responsibilities among your team reduces friction among colleagues and produces inherent accountability among members. A team that has trust is safer, more efficient and works together in the toughest of situations.

Knowledgeable leadership is one thing- competent, thoughtful, and understanding leadership is another. We train interpersonal skills that build trust, solidify a knowledge base and create confident, respected leaders. This often results in lower turnover rates and higher safety rates.

OMS Leadership Training Toolbox

Understanding the equipment and technology at a site and how to utilize it to its potential is critical for improving and maintaining reliability. Outliers Mining Solutions offers services to assist with the transitions that sites experience as improvements are implemented.

Business Improvement Training

This program is a Lean and Six Sigma training suite designed specifically for business improvement work in a mining environment. Build internal capability and skills within a mining organization and empower employees to deliver sustained productivity gains and cost savings in all departments.


Value Added

The Value-Added Dispatch program is designed to realize the full potential of a fleet management system by providing fleet management awareness training to key stakeholders and advanced scenario-based, in-seat training for dispatchers.



Imagine a team of leaders that know their roles and how they contribute to the team’s success. Targets are clear, and the plan to get there is shared and understood. The team is able to adapt to problems and thrives on change and continuous improvement.


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Improving Shift-Change at Open Pit Mines

During an engagement with a South American gold mine in 2018, we saw an opportunity to increase production during the first and last hours of each shift. Working with the client team on-site, Outliers Mining Solutions identified the actions necessary to realize the improvement. Through the efforts of the site team and effective change management, the shift-change improved considerably.



Collaboration and Clear Roles for Pit Supervisors and Mine Dispatchers is Essential for Mine Performance

Dispatchers and pit supervisors are two leadership roles that play a key role in any performance improvement program at a mine operation.



Adding Value to Mine Sites with a Professional Mining Leadership Program

Over many mine sites and cultures, one reality we see at the supervisor level through to managers is that leaders often struggle to adequately describe task assignments.


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