Increase Mining Production

An increase in mining production, and maintenance of the improvement, involves critically examining all departments of a site. From improving operations to well-trained leadership to maximizing the potential of the technology on-hand, Outliers Mining Solutions guides mines to become top-producing sites on all fronts.

Maximize Mine
Site Efficiency

Maximize Mine Site Efficiency

You likely already know where your mine site could use improvements. The real question is how do you strategize change at a mine site? Oftentimes by bringing one department up to its potential it becomes clear that dependent departments need help as well. This domino effect can be of great benefit to sites willing to explore all areas that need change and to fix problems at their root, not just at a surface level.

Outliers Mining Solutions examines all areas of a site by running a full diagnostic assessment of production and departments. We consider not only the technology at hand but also how site leaders manage their teams. We provide actionable recommendations and training to improve all areas of a site. Many sites see an increase in production within just three months.

Optimize Fleet Management Systems

A top-functioning Fleet Management System is a critical component to a mine realizing its potential. A common problem that mines face is the mismanagement of the fleet. Inefficient leadership and poor communication results in performance gaps.

We fully assess the performance of a fleet management system analyzing several areas of competency among the staff and their communications. We also analyze the training and operations behind each person and their performance. Getting to know the site and the players allows us to bring both the complicated systems and the people together to work hand-in-hand, delivering top production and safety results.

Reduce Load and Haul Times

Maximize Mine Site Efficiency

When a mine site is operating at its best, it will have ideal load sizes and haul times. We understand that achieving this takes discipline in deciphering and navigating the nuances of the site and the resources available to optimize.

After assessing the state of the site, we dig right into the work of bringing the team and the technology up to speed to get the results the site is looking for. These measures are sometimes small, and sometimes completely overhaul a site’s configuration. In all cases, clients see an increase in production and utilization of resources.

OMS Mining Production Toolbox

Solving the issues that cause poor and slow production can look different for each site since each site is unique in its people and problems. We offer a variety of services to address the specific needs of a site.


A complete operational and asset management assessment, which performs a deep-dive analysis and provides actionable opportunity identification. Remote and in-person services available.

OMS Performance Management Program

Increase the production of your mining fleet with this program built on a framework of Short Interval Control, a detailed scenario playbook for operations and dispatch, dispatcher and equipment operator scorecards and the visual management process.

Remote Mining

We have successfully developed a remote version of our operational and asset management assessment, which provides outstanding value through analysis and opportunity identification. Typical outcomes from these assessments identify improvement opportunities that range from an 8% to 25% increase in mine performance and equipment reliability.

Value Added

The Value-Added Dispatch program is designed to realize the full potential of a fleet management system by providing fleet management awareness training to key stakeholders and advanced scenario-based, in-seat training for dispatchers.

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Short Interval Control in Open Pit Mining

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