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Myra Falls Case Study

During an engagement at an Underground Base Metal Mine in Western Canada, it was found the operation had limited daily reporting on critical measures, which resulted in a lack of understanding of how the mine, crews, and individual operators were performing.

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Case Study: Outliers Mining Solutions Remote Assessment

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, several of Outliers Mining Solutions’ operational assessments had to be completed remotely due to travel restrictions. In one such assessment, completed in 2020, the work scope included an operations assessment covering Mine Operations, including loading, hauling and drilling fleets, and the site’s fleet management system.

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Case Study: Increasing Production and Haul Efficiency at Ferrexpo

In 2016 Outliers initiated a work scope with Ferrexpo to improve the productivity and efficiency of load and haul fleet at Poltava and Yerestovo mines. This scope included the deployment of the Outliers Performance Management tools such as the Short Interval Control tool and the rehabilitation and effective use of the Wenco Fleet Management System to deliver improved truck allocation.

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Case Study: Improving Shift-Change at Open Pit Mines

Our clients will tell us they know they should be hot-seating; they know that there is an opportunity, but it hasn’t been implemented. Of course, it would be ideal to have a true hot-seat, one where trucks roll up to an elevated platform, one operator walks off, the other walks on, and the truck cycle is barely interrupted. A hot-seat shift-change process like that can virtually eliminate production losses during shift-change.

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